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A recent comment on this site by Andrew Shanks, Canon Theologian Emeritus of Manchester Cathedral, has drawn my attention to his renderings of Nelly Sachs’ poems on his website at http://www.nellysachs-translations.org.uk/index.html.

I am grateful for this, and very pleased to be able to direct you to this site, where you will find beautiful versions of  her work, much more freely translated than mine or any others that I have seen, where he has remained true to the spirit if not always to the letter of Sachs’ work. These read like original English poems, but retain all the flavour of the German and must certainly contribute to greater appreciation of her genius among non-German-speakers.

In addition, for those who are serious students of Nelly Sachs and her work, I refer you to Andrew’s  excellent essay on this same site.


Today, 10 December 2018, is Nelly Sachs’ 127th birthday, and I am very touched by this special tribute https://www.google.com/doodles/nelly-sachs-127th-birthday as well as honoured to be linked to this page by its authors. Thank you to everyone who visited my site and bothered to read more than one of the poems here. It’s a privilege for me to be included in celebrating this anniversary in this way.



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