But Perhaps God Needs Our Yearning


Karte (Photo credit: Henry.)

But perhaps God needs our yearning, wherever else should it dwell?
Yearning, whose kisses and tears and sighs fill the mysterious spaces of the air.
Perhaps it’s the invisible soil from which the stars put forth their glowing roots.
And the radiant voice calling for reunion over the fields of separation?
O my beloved, perhaps our love has already borne worlds in the heavens of yearning –
Just as our breathing, in and out, builds a cradle for love and death?
Grains of sand, both of us, dark with goodbyes, and lost in the golden mystery of births.
And perhaps already wreathed in a blazing halo of stars, moons and suns.

Vielleicht aber braucht Gott die Sehnsucht, wo sollte sonst sie auch bleiben,
Sie, die mit Küssen und Tränen und Seufzern füllt die geheimnisvollen Räume der Luft ­
Vielleicht ist sie das unsichtbare Erdreich, daraus die glühenden Wurzeln der Sterne treiben ­
Und die Strahlenstimme über die Felder der Trennung , die zum Wiedersehn ruft?
O mein Geliebter, vielleicht hat unsere Liebe in den Himmel der Sehnsucht schon Welten geboren –
Wie unser Atemzug, ein – und aus, baut eine Wiege für Leben und Tod?
Sandkörner wir beide, dunkel vor Abschied, und in das goldene Geheimnis der Geburten verloren,
Und vielleicht schon von kommenden Sternen, Monden und Sonnen umloht.


One thought on “But Perhaps God Needs Our Yearning

  1. Nelly Sachs is a great and passionate poet. While wonderful REM sings “Talk about the passion” Sachs, dear Nelly feels and fully transmits it. This is just an astonishing poem suggesting a poetic answer to the human question of “why (does God) demand such yearning from us? Our yearning is his sustinence. As the equally God haunted, intoxicated, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel so well put it, “God is in Search of Man.” He wants, he needs our service, including our yearning. Nelly, dear Nelly Sachs, RIP with your dear and well haunted friend Paul Celan.

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