A Sheaf Of Lightning

A sheaf of lightning
foreign power
these fields of paper
words glow
fatal perception
A thunderbolt smashes the house
where burial occurred.

After absolution of this life
from distorted spellings
from the unique single second
the inner ocean raises
its mute white crown
in blessed bliss to you –

Eine Gerbe Blitz
fremde Macht
diesen Acker aus Papier
Worte lodern
tödliches Begreifen
Donner schlägt das Haus ein
darin Grablegung geschah. 

Nach Vergebung dieses Lebens
aus verzehrter Schreibeweise
aus der einzigsten Sekunde
hebt der innere Ozean
seine weiße Schweigekrone
in die Seligkeit zu dir –


2 thoughts on “A Sheaf Of Lightning

    • Think of how a sheaf looks – imagine that sheaf made up of lightning bolts, how immensely powerful and destructive that would be. Remember the original is in German, and the word is Blitz. You may have heard of the Blitzkrieg – if not, check it out.

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