The Sleepwalker

The sleepwalker
circling on his star
awakes on the white feather
of the morning –
its bloodstain reminds him –
he drops the moon
in fright –
the snowberry shatters
on the black agate of the night
smeared with dreams –
there is 
no pure white on earth –

Der Schlafwandler
kreisend auf seinem Stern
an der weißen Feder des Morgens
der Blutfleck darauf erinnerte ihn—
läßt den Mond
erschrocken fallen—
die Schneebeere zerbricht
am schwarzen Achat der Nacht—
Kein reines Weiß auf Erden—


One thought on “The Sleepwalker

  1. In this poem I think that it says that having earth be a perfect world is just a dream. There’s no perfection on earth, everywhere there’s some form of imperfection. The poem is about someone thinking or dreaming that the Earth is perfect, but then he’s reminded that the earth isn’t perfect. When the person is reminded, he or she wakes up, because they were startled.

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