There’s No Remaining Here

There’s no remaining here
for the sea is speaking from the deep
the breathing breast of night
heaves, raising high
the wall where rests a head
heavy in travail of dreams.

In all this building material
No star finger was involved
since mixing began in the sand
living on now in death.

He who weeps
seeks his melody
that the wind has hidden
wreathed in leaves of music
in the night.

Fresh from the source
is too far away.

Time now to fly
only with our body.

Hier ist kein Bleiben länger
denn aus seinem Grunde spricht schon Meer
die Brust der Nacht
hebt atmend hoch
die Wand, daran ein Kopf
mit schwerer Traumgeburt gelehnt

In diesem Baustoff
war kein Sternenfinger
mit im Spiel
seit das Gemisch im Sand begann
so lebend noch im Tod

Wer weint
der sucht nach seiner Melodie
die hat der Wind
in Nacht versteckt

Frisch von der Quelle
ist zu weit entfernt

Zeit ists zu fliegen
nur mit unserem Leib


One thought on “There’s No Remaining Here

  1. Although all of these poems are amazing, I really like this one because it is fairly abstract, extremely symbolic, and paints a beautiful image. The way it is written makes me really think about how those affected must have felt after the Holocaust, and I love how it explains the cosmic illegitimacy of staying it the place where their brethren were slaughtered, for no reason at all. It is really deep, and if I didn’t understand the symbolism, I would have no clue about what it is speaking of. This is probably my favorite poem I have seen in a long time.

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