The Mountain Tops

The mountain-tops
will kiss each other
when people leave their 
huts of death
and crown each other
with rainbows
the seven-coloured solace
of the haemorrhaging Earth –

Die Gipfel der Berge
werden sich küssen
wenn die Menschen ihre Sterbehütten
und mit den Regenbögen
sich bekränzen
dem siebenfarbigen Labsal
der verblutende Erde


Photo by Mischpin


One thought on “The Mountain Tops

  1. This poem is amazing the way it connects to other things. After a storm there is a rainbow. In this poem it is taken place during the holocaust and talks about the beauty in the mountains and how there was a rainbow. This poem connects to Noah and the Arch because of the evil going away at the end of everything. At the end of Noah and the Arch the evil was washed away. In the holocaust there was evil all around but then at the end a lot of people had died and there was no more murders. In Noah and the arch God wanted to wash away the evil people and then at the end there was a rainbow representing the promise that he will never make the earth a flood again. In the holocaust there was a not literally a rainbow but everything cleared at the end and that was a promise that people would never do a non-human thing like that again. They said that because they looked at the results and all the dead, innocent people they realized that they shouldn’t ever do that again.

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