Man Suffers Such Short Shrift

UNIQUE PICTURE: Earth as seen from the outer S...

UNIQUE PICTURE: Earth as seen from the outer Solar System (Photo credit: Icarus Kuwait)

Man suffers such short shrift
Who then can talk of Love
The ocean knows longer words
so does the crystalfacetted Earth
with its soothsaying surge

Ailing this paper is
sick with the song of dust-to-dust
stealing away with the blessed Word
carrying it back perhaps to its magnetic point
which isn’t God-proof –

So kurz ausgeliefert ist der Mensch
Wer kann da über Liebe sprechen
Das Meer hat längere Worte
auch die kristallgefächerte Erde
mit weissagendem Wuchs

Dieses leidende Papier
schon krank vom Staub-zum-Staube-Lied
das gesegnete Wort entführend
vielleicht zurück zu seinem magnetischen Punkt
der Gottdurchlässig ist –


One thought on “Man Suffers Such Short Shrift

  1. I really like this poem. I think that it is saying that the Jews in the Holocaust wanted to go to their magnetic point which was Israel. In Israel, they could be free, and their religion wouldn’t be taken from them like it was when they were in the camps.

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