Ebb And Flood


Ebb and flood play a chord,
Hunter and hunted.
Many hands
try to grasp and hold,
blood is the thread.
Fingers point to lists,
parts of the body are placed
in dying drawings.
stench of suffering –
Limbs on their way to dust
and the spray of yearning
over the waters.


Einen Akkord spielen Ebbe und Flut,
Jäger und Gejagtes.
Mit vielen Händen
wird Greifen und Befestigung versucht,
Blut ist der Faden.
Finger weisen Aufstellungen,
Körperteile werden eingesetzt
in sterbende Zeichnungen.
Strategie, Geruch des Leiden —
Glieder auf dem Wege zum Staub
und die Gischt der Sehnsucht
über den Wassern.


One thought on “Ebb And Flood

  1. The Ebb is the reflux of the tide to sea and flood obviously means a rapid influx of water on to land. She is probably talking about the waves of terror that passed over Europe during the Holocaust. By “Many hands try to grasp and hold: she is speaking of how many tried to hold together during the floods, how so many banded together to attempt to survive the horror and how the ebb reveals the many bodies of those who died. The fingers pointing to lists are people seeing the names of their dead relatives and mourning. The “parts of the body are placed in dying drawings,” the “stench of suffering limbs on their way to dust” are referencing the mass cremations that took place when the graves filled up, how the stink of burning corpses filled the air and coated the ground with ashes and dust. The spray of yearning relates back to the original metaphor of the Ebb and flood where the spray represents the tide hitting the rocks and creating spray the way the flood killed so many people who families now yearn to see again.

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