At Dawn

At dawn
with a bird practising its wake,
then is the time of yearning for all the dust
left behind by death.

O hour of births,
labouring in agony to make
the first rib of a new child.

Beloved, the yearning for your dust
rages through my heart.

Im Morgengrauen,
Wenn ein Vogel das Erwachen übt −
Beginnt die Sehnsuchtsstunde allen Staubes
Den der Tod verließ.

O Stunde der Geburten,
Kreißend in Qualen,
darin sich die erste Rippe
Eines neuen Menschen bildet.
Geliebter, die Sehnsucht deines Staubes
Zieht brausend durch mein Herz.

Click here to listen to this poem in German.


2 thoughts on “At Dawn

  1. I love this poem. It makes me actually like peoms and to give more a chance. I love how its a symbol for a tragic event. It’s not just The Holocaust was bad. It’s about different things in the world but still relates to the event.

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